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  Mangalem is a characteristic quarter. Originally a great Bazaar and commercial quarter stretching along the river, its harmonization with the terrain is performed with a rare architectural mastery. The quarter is shaped like an elegant pyramid on top of which is the castle. The main visual characteristic of this …

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The Castle

The Castle of Berat rises on a rocky hill on the left bank of Osum river and is accessible from the south. After being burned down by the Romans in 200 BC the walls were strengthened in the fifth century under the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II, and were rebuilt during …

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Gorica Quarter

The suburb across the Osum, is another characteristic monumental building ensemble facing Mangalem Quarter on the other side of the river. Its development began in the mid 16th century, The modern quarter has preserved its original atmosphere. The bridge of Gorica was built by Ahmet Kurt Pasha and is one of …

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Architectural Heritage

The city of Berat has a rich Architectural Heritage which has lead to the city’s UNESCO status. The buildings classified as cultural heritage are divided in three categories: religious monuments, family houses, and the fortifications. In total the District of Berat has 75 Category I monuments and hundreds of Category …

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  Berat city favored by its geographic position and the bounty of the surrounding areas, developed a continuous civil life, from its foundation ( cent. IV- III ) until nowadays. Berat was a diocese center under the domination of head bishopric centers of Durres and Ohrid, in the XVII century …

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