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Architectural Heritage

The Red Mosque

The city of Berat has a rich Architectural Heritage which has lead to the city’s UNESCO status. The buildings classified as cultural heritage are divided in three categories: religious monuments, family houses, and the fortifications. In total the District of Berat has 75 Category I monuments and hundreds of Category II monuments.

The religious monuments are divided in Mosques, Churches and Tekkes. More information on the religious monuments can be found on this address: www.beratkulture.com/aboutus.aspx

The earliest churches built in the city of Berat are Byzantine from the XIII century. These are: the church of Saint Mary Blacherna, the Church of Saint Michael, and the church of Holy Trinity.
The mosques date back to the middle of the XV century. Among the first mosques built in the city of Berat are the Red Mosque, the White Mosque and the King’s Mosque. Other very important mosques regarding their cultural heritage are the Bachelors’ Mosque and the Helveti Tekke.
According to their architecture the historical family houses are divided into three types. The most famous are the houses with Çardak (verandas)