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The Castle

The Castle of Berat rises on a rocky hill on the left bank of Osum river and is accessible from the south. After being burned down by the Romans in 200 BC the walls were strengthened in the fifth century under the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II, and were rebuilt during the VI century under Emperor Justinian and again in the XIII century under Despot of Epirus, Michael Angelus Comnenus. The churches inside the fortress were largely built from this time on and because of their characteristic architecture are preserved as cultural monuments.
The castle hill rises about 187 m above sea level and covers an area of 9.6 hecaters. There are 24 towers of different shapes and sizes along the impressive Roman and medieval walls. The interior once contained 42 chapels and churches, though now there are only 8 intact shrines and the ruins of 2 mosques. The interioir of the castle is still inhabited today.