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“Edward Lear” Gallery of Contemporary Art

“Edward Lear” Gallery of Arts – Was first opened in 1994 and is one of the best and most important Art Galleries in the country. Its collection reveals the contemporary and traditional works of arts by Albanian and foreign artists. Timetable: Tuesday – Sunday: 09.00-13.00 Monday is holiday For more information: …

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Onufri National Museum

‘’Onufri ‘’ -National Museum of Icons is located within the old Cathedral of  Dormition of St. Mary ( 18th  century ) which is a Byzantine style Church characterized by a marvelous golden wooden iconostasis . The collection of the icons dating back to the 14th – 19th centuries include important works …

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The National Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum was housed in 1979 inside a Berat characteristic old building. This type of residence was built from the class of land-owners, who lived in the city during feudal times. Inside the museum is recreated a characteristic old street and bazaar with many traditional shops on the sides of the street. In …

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