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Points of Interests

The Castle

The Castle – Is the oldest monument in the city of Berat and contains the oldest homes in the city.  The castle is still inhabited today.  The castle is national cultural heritage site and has recently received the inscription from UNESCO as a universal heritage site.

Church of Saint Mary Blacherna

The Church of Saint Mary Blacherna  (XIII) – is the oldest existing church in Berat. The church was reconstructed in the XVI century and its frescoes were painted by Nicolas, son of Onufri.

The Church of Holy Trinity

The Church of Holy Trinity – is built near the second perimeter of castle walls. It stands out for its beautiful Byzantine frescoes and its walls have been built using the clausonage technique. 

Altar of the Church of Saint Nicolas

 Church of Saint Nicolas ( 16th century )The archaeological excavations have found that the walls of this church were built in the 16th century. Inside the church is an old altar used for  rituals. The altar is an element of the Paleo- Christian architecture. 

Mangalem Quarter

Mangalem Quarter – construction of the Mangalem Quarter began during the XI-XII centuries.  Today most of the houses inside Mangalem are from the XVIII-XIX centuries.  This quarter has the shape of a pyramid and is famous for its many windows.  The quarter also has narrow hidden streets adding attraction and beauty.  

Gorica Quarter

Gorica Quarter– similar to Mangalem, Gorica is thought to have started being built during the XI-XII centuries. Gorica is composed of many single-family houses which are cultural monuments and by two old churches: the Church of Saint Spiridon and the Church of Saint Thomas .  

The Helveti Tekke

The Helveti Tekke – is part of the Medieval Center and is one of the most beautiful monuments of Bekatshi religion in Albania. The stonework, the decorated ceiling and the mural paintings are some of the most important values of the tekke.