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Hotel “Tomorri”– is in the center t of the city. It has capacities for big groups of tourists and  has also a bar restaurant. Price per room: 30 – 55 euro per night.
Tel: 032 234 462
Mob: 068 20 24 225
email: hoteltomorriberat@yahoo.com
Web:   www.hotel-tomorri-berat.com

Hotel “Mangalemi” – is at the bottom of the road to the castle in Mangalem Quarter. The hotel is decorated as a characteristic Berat house. The hotel has also a bar restaurant. Price per room: 18-25 euro per night.
Tel: 032 232 093
Mob: 068 24 29 803
email: hotel_mangalemi@yahoo.com
Website: www.mangalemihotel.com

Hotel “Palma” – is near the footbridge. The hotel has a bar/restaurant on the terrace which offers special views of the historical center of Berat. Price per room: 15-25 euro per night.
Tel: 032 232 143
Mob: 069 20 93 812
email: info@brpalmahotel.com.al
Website: www.brpalmahotel.com

Hotel “ Castle Park” – Is 3 km away from the historical center of Berat, on the road to Drobonik. The hotel is a tourism complex and includes a restaurant. Price per room: 20-30 euro per night.
Tel: 032 235 385
Mob: 068 25 64 999
email: castlepark_2003@yahoo.it
website: www.castle-park.com

Muzaka Hotel

At the Hotel Muzaka, you are right in the heart of Berat: this hotel with its classic design and elegant style, situated in the historic center, will be the perfect base for your holiday to discover Berat’s monuments, churches, mosques and the many treasures of this city.

The Hotel is a 17th century building with a strategic position. The rooms offer you all the comforts you will need for an enjoyable stay in this beautiful city. The main sights of Berat such as Gorica, Mangalem, River Osum, Bridges and monuments are all a short walk away. All of the hotel’s 10 rooms are spaciously designed to make your stay comfortable with air conditioning, and Satellite TV.

In other words, Hotel Muzaka is the perfect choice when searching for a hotel offering simplicity and convenience affordable prices all set within a welcoming Berat atmosphere.

Contact Information

Hotel Muzaka
Lagjia Gorice
Berat, Albania
Phone: +355 322 31 999
Email: info@hotelmuzaka.com

“Desaret Residence” – Is in Kodra e Sulmit Quarter and is decorated in traditional Berat ambience. The hotel has also a restaurant. Price per room: 15-20 euro per night.
Tel: 032 237 593
Mob: 069 30 37  480

Hostel “Berat Backpackers” – Is in the middle of Gorica Historical Quarter, near the church of Saint Spiridon. Price per room: 6-12 euro per night.  It has a restaurant for visitors only.

Mob:         069 30 644 29
e-mail:  www.beratbackpackers.com

Hotel “Ago” – Is 3 km outside the city of Berat, on the road to Poliçan. Price per room: 10-20 euro per night. The hotel also has a restaurant.
Tel: 032 234 858
Mob:       068 23 91 457

Hotel “Belind” – Is on the main road to Uznove, 50 m in front of the bus station. Price per room 12-24 euro. The hotel has a restaurant also.
Tel: 036 22 070
Mob: 069 25 80 168

Hotel “Berati” – Is in 28 Nentori Quarter, near the main bus station. The outside and inner ambiences are characteristic for the city of Berat. Price per room: 15-30 euro per night. The hotel also has a restaurant.
Tel: 032 236953
Mob: 069 255 0149

Hotel “Gega” – Is in 10 Korriku Quarter, 200 meters away from the bus station. Price per room: 10-20 euro per night. The hotel has a restaurant.
Tel: 032 234 429
Mob: 069 20 87 181

Hotel Pasarela – Hoteli ka 33 dhoma, Dhomat jane projektuar per te mbeshtetur kerkesat e vizitoreve tane. E-mail hotelpasarela@yahoo.com  Tel: 00355 69 64 07 891

Hotel White City: email whitecity.berat@yahoo.com  Tel: 355 69 68 64 500

Hotel Grand White City: grandwhitecity@yahoo.it  Tel: 00355 32 236 869

Hotel Antipatrea: Tel00355 32 230 398; e-mail: contact@antipatreahotel.com

Hotel Osumi: hotelosumi@gmail.com Tel: 032 233 133

Hotel GreenHouse: hotelgreenhouse@hotmail.com; Tel: 069 37 58 350

Hotel Belgrade: adrianatesho@hotmail.com; Tel: 069 83 26 499

Camping Llazaro: Lagja Kala

Hotel Artur: 069 625 1170

Bujtina Kodiket: info@thecodicein.com; Tel: 355 696315762

Hotel Restaurant Klea: hotelklea@yahoo.com; Tel: 069 76 84 861

Guest House “Lorenc Pushi” – Is in the middle of the historical quarter of Berat. Price per room: 15 euro per night.
Tel: 032 231 215
Mob: 0030 697 842 5340
E-mail: www.berat-guesthouse.info

Guest House  ‘’ Alvaro ‘’ is located in the historic quarter of Mangalemi , in the narrow street that passes  on the left of the Bachelors’ Mosque . It is placed into the spaces of a traditional house , where  the visitors can enjoy the panoramic view over the city and  the river Osumi , and offers an interesting stay for the visitors who enjoy to keep close with the local culture . There are 7 beds  in total, with a competitive price that range from 10-15 euro/person. The Guest house offers a nice terrace and good conditions. Free internet provided

Contacts :tel .+355 69 57 65 729 /tel+ 00355 32 2 34 760 . e-mail:alvarokadiu@gmail.com

The Bachelors Hotel

Is in the Mangalem quarter ,behind the Bachelors ‘ Mosque. Our gate is in front of the door of the mosque.A friendly ,comfortable,clean and welcoming place to stay. Come to us and you will have a delicious breakfast and a fantastic accomodation! Price per room (two beds) includes the breakfast 25 euro.

Email: adi_berat@Hotmail.com


Guest House “ Nasho Vruho” –  Is in Mangalem Quarter and is decorated inside as a characteristic Berat house. Price per room: 20-25 euro per night.

Tel: 032 232 355
Mob: 068 2231 489
Website: www.hotelnashovruho.com