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Plan for Tourism Development

The Municipality of Berat signed a contract with the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) in April 2010 for the compilation of the Tourism Action Plan of the city of Berat. The project aims to develop the destination of the UNESCO city and includes some activities:
a-      The Compilation of an Action Plan for Tourism  

b-      A Research for the tourism potentials and the tourism market of Berat

c-       Assistance for the preparation of an implementation project/program  

d-      Assistance for raising funds for the program

 In May 2010 was established the Tourism Committee composed of representatives from Public Institutions, Civil Society, and Businesses. The Committee during some workshops lead by SNV has compiled the draft of the Tourism Plan which will be presented to the interest groups of the city in four meetings opened to public. The meetings will be held specifically on the last weeks of September and on the first two weeks of October 2010.  
The meetings will be organized in the public library following the Calendar with representatives from the communities of the Historical Districts, business that operate in tourism, public institutions and civil society. During the public hearings the first draft of the tourism plan will be presented and the participants will be invited to give their ideas and suggestions. 
The Municipality of Berat wants to give thanks to the members of the Tourism Committee for their engagement and work, and especially SNV Albania for their support and professional assistance given during the process.