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Mayor of Berat

Greetings- Mayor of  Berat   Mr.  Fadil Nasufi

Berat the pride of Albania:

When you write something for Berat city, in a guide’s front pages or almanacs, you feel a certain challenge, at least you would feel the lack of words to compliment such a magic city, you would be in dilemma if you have done the best selection in your publications from the precious city assets , and in a manner you would be embarrassed of not doing the maximum of what a 2400- year old city like Berat , deserves and represents.
But you break out your sincere dilemma -simply just doing the host citizen duty, with the open invitation for all : “ Welcome in Berat “
Berat speaks by itself. It speaks with the power and the magic of its spirit and the culture of its early generations, who kept burning the civilization fire for more than 2400 years.
Our city appears as a unique monument, continuously living and today showing authentic proofs and truths that illuminate the Albanian race, our genesis, and assuring pride to all the nation.
You can’t stand feeling proud of “ Berat Codices” “ Purple Beratinus “of the VI century that hold over a whole ancient world!
You can’t stand feeling proud of the famous names standing in the roots of the city’s history: Muzakas, Onufri, Koperlus etc.
You can’t stand impressing of the high world personalities appraisals for the city , phrasing as below:

    “I am Onufri , coming for the brilliant city of Berat – Onufri

    “Berat is beautiful , for being everlastingly beautiful”- Shtraus

    “ These assets , this museum and Berat city don’t belong only to you, but are part of the whole humanity “- Perez de Kuelar

    “ Outstanding castle as beautiful as heaven gardens – lively and genuine city of Berat “- Evlia Celebiu .

Visitors get impressed and surprised form the panoramic and emblematic landscape of Mangalem, that stands as a crown in a beautiful girl head.
Visiting the city and its fortress, visiting the national museum “ Onufri “ – you have the chance to “meet” all the Albanian iconography masters : Onufri, Nicolas, Onufer Qipriot, Kostandin Shpataraku, the dynasty of Katro and Cetiri painters .
 In the mean time you can visit some of the Byzantine and post Byzantine architecture pearls inside the fortress walls and in the city historic center covered by the anonym painters frescos.

    Come to explore Berat !

It appears in front of you as an open big museum in the open sky. Berat is read as a poetry book, is perceived as a modern painting, is listened as a recreation symphony .

Berat makes you feel like being home and being its citizens.  Pleasures and unforgettable impressions – you dear visitors – will find in contact with its citizens, wise and host people. You will find between them the warmness of your home , the dedication towards the guests , their passion for showing you the city, its traditional food, the songs, souvenirs and the human bon sense. 
You’re in the white city with the white heart.