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Book Promotion

On 4 March in one of the Library rooms was promoted the book entitled 660 grams written by Author Koncetta Marrota. The book is a autobiography and describes the feelings and experiences of the author when she gave birth to her 660 grams child. Invited in the promotion were intellectuals from the city of Berat.

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Promovohet Libri 660 Gram

Ne daten 4 mars ne sallen e Bibliotekes Vehxhi Buharaja u promovua Libri 660 gram i autores Konceta Marrota. Libri eshte nje abutobiografi e autores dhe pershkruan ndjenjat dhe eksperiencen e autores kur ajo lindi femijen e saj vetem 660 gram. Te ftuar ishin intelektuale dhe miq te librit ne qytetin e Beratit.